Reasons to Get Involved

Why should your family lend a helping hand?

  • It feels good. The satisfaction and pride that come from helping others are important reasons to volunteer. When you commit your time and effort to an organization or a cause you feel strongly about, the feeling of fulfillment can be endless.
  • It strengthens your community. Organizations and agencies that use volunteers are providing important services at low or no cost to those who need them. When a community is doing well as a whole, its individuals are better off, too.
  • It can strengthen your family. Volunteerism is a great way for families to have fun and feel closer. But many people say they don’t have the time to volunteer after fulfilling work and family commitments. If that’s the case, try rethinking some of your free time as a family. You could select just one or two projects a year and make them a family tradition (for example, making and donating gift baskets to care facilities for the elderly around the holidays).
  • It can help you build a network. Volunteering for an organization or cause gives you the opportunity to meet new people and become familiar with organizations that help our community and can provided resources and experience to individuals that are looking to better themselves and gain knowledge and skills that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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