Budget FY 2013

Below is the link for the FY 13 Non-City Capital Application.  Please follow the link to the application and follow the instructions completely.  Applications to the Council or DCA are Due by April 9, 2012.  After April 9, 2012 applications will NOT be accepted.  This is an online application, do NOT mail a hard copy.  If you are applying to the Borough President, please be advised their application deadline is February 28.  If you are applying to both the Borough President and DCA or the Council the deadline is February 28, 2012.

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Council Member Ruben Wills at 718-206-2068 and ask for India Sneed, the Director of Legislative & Budget Affairs.

FY 13 Capital Application Cultural Application, click here.

FY 13 All Other Project Application (use for all non-cultural projects), click here.

The FY 13 Expense application will be available shortly