Council Member Wills releases statement concerning the Grand Jury decision not to indict officers in the Eric Garner Case

“It is unconscionable that in the 21st century, New Yorkers of color continue to live under occupation in their own communities. The system entrusted to serve and protect the people instead serves to breed more distrust and discontent towards law enforcement, and reverses whatever gains have been achieved towards improving police-community relations,” said Councilman Wills. “From Eleanor Bumpers in 1984 to Mr. Eric Garner in 2014, true justice has consistently evaded black New Yorkers, and will continue to do so unless systemic changes are implemented and enforced at all levels of government.”


“This is why last month I introduced Resolution 434, calling on the Office of the U.S. Attorney General to establish protocols to investigate cases where local law enforcement officers are alleged to have committed either a homicide or act of brutality. Legislation like this is crucial towards ensuring there is adequate recourse for victims and their families when police misconduct occurs. In light of today’s disheartening decision by the Richmond County Grand Jury, I believe a federal investigation into the death of Mr. Garner is imperative. This kind of rampant abuse has no place in our society, and requires intervention from the federal government to eliminate it. My thoughts and prayers remain with the Garner family, and all of the Staten Island community during this difficult time.”



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